Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Feldenkrais

I have been a huge fan of Feldenkrais for a long time now. I recently did a week course on use of breath in Cornwall and then last Sunday did a course involving use of breath, voice and pelvic floor. The work involves bony movement rather than forcing or fixing lots of muscles as can happen sometimes via Pilates work (in the wrong hands). When I say 'bones are moved' this of course involves muscle tissue as well, but we are required to use minimal muscle effort in Feldenkrais work. Being the typical 'overworker' I am, I did mange at one point to be moving in extension and in another movement plane (incorrectly) rather than just elevating my side (when lying on my side). You'd have had to been there to see it!

One of the things I particularly enjoyed from last week's workshop was use of breath - the notibly hissing which I found a very powerful way of connecting with feelings of anger. It was also a good way of engaging pelvic floor muscles, as was making "shush" sound. We also did 'sea-saw' breathing and at the end of the day some imaging work in connection with use of the sitz bones. It was an enjoyable day and Maggy was excellent.
I would highly recommend Feldenkrais for hypermobile people and indeed there was another hypermobile person in the class with back problems and although a bit anxious about things, she was reassured and seemed to be just fine with most aspects of the class. Go and try!

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