Saturday, July 21, 2012

TMJ Update

                                          My Michigan Splint
On Tuesday I had an appointment to see a Head and Neck specialist. One of my GPs had not briefed the consultant at all well and despite my requests to see a particular person (who is very familiar with EDSIII). I was sent to the wrong person. Needless to say both the doctor and I managed with this odd situation as best we could. He has referred me for an MRI scan of my TMJ and a routine dental x-ray. At this point we need to decide whether is a biomechanical problem or whether we are talking management of facial pain. I showed Mr L my Michigan Splint and he could detect no major problems with wear and tear - although he said it might "feel" different over time. He said that my bite was better aligned than his and that orthodontics wouldn't solve my problem is what was my TMJ in motion that was the problem not in a static bite. Needless to say he has referred me on to the doctor I should be been sent to and we await news of scans - mainly to rule out discogenic problems. We both agreed this should be managed as conservatively as possible - e.g. no surgey! After my recent experiences I was more than happy about this.

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