Saturday, July 21, 2012

Physio Update

I had physio both last Saturday (14th) and Wednesday (18th) July. On the first of these two appointments M worked on my lateral line and did a lot of work around sacral and gluteals. 24 hours later I did have autographs of his thumbs (or so it felt) in my gluteals. However I did manage a little bit of running within my walk to and around the park. I also did some ballet. The next day I paid for this and was in a fatigue, but had to override it as I had an overly keen painter coming to my flat to finally paint over flood damage.

On the second appointment M dealt with my left shoulder, left SCM and TMJ. There was a lot of spasming going on, but we found that holding me in the stretch made the spasm and twitching relinquish. M did a move in anterior neck (scalene) area, but I didn't like it, so he worked posteriorally again. His theory was to relieve the superficial muscles to give the deeper ones a chance. After the session I did feel 'lighter' in the area, but my neck did feel a little more out of control. He advised me to be doing some overball work every day to keep on strengthing the neck as well as pelvic tilts for deep core work. He gave me a new spiral stretch for my arms which I am really enjoying.

I had arrived at the session in a very upset and stressed out state - I am in some kind of burnout and have been through enormous stress in the last few months. Talking through the fact I had need to readdress this issue helped somewhat. I am finding physio with M really enjoyable and like the fact he works to address the fascial tissue helpful (from my position as a Bowen Therapist) and that he works on the Myers principles - which is interesting and work I know from Somatic practices and my work in Pilates. M is also very good at explaining chronic pain.

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