Sunday, November 25, 2012

Referral to Professor Aziz.... and Sciatica

Last week I had to see an Osteopath - first time I had tried Osteopathy in over 12 years. I had to see someone as was trying to avoid physio for a while.  My guts had been a terrible state so had primarily blamed them for my increasing back pain, the spasm in my gluteals and complete restriction in lateral flexion. Then I started to get pain on walking which flashed down my hamstrings. I was in a bit of denial about this - surely I didn't have sciatica? However the 'Forward Slump Test' revealed a shooting pain down my left leg. The osteopath did a lot of work on my gluteals and some in my hip. He said I needed to work on medial rotation (I had heard that one before!!) as the left hip is so restricted, medially. He then said he would review me a week later. He knew my history was complex and that I was having a lot of difficulties with my bowels, and had previous history of endometriosis etc.

The 'sciatic' pain seemed to remain and then I did a Bowen course last weekend, having had no Bowen for ages. We also learned a 'sciatic specific' procedure and that seemed to eliminate my sciatica, although my back and gluteals remained in spasm and my guts in a bad way.

On Tuesday I saw my Colorectal surgeon who has decided to refer me to Prof Aziz, a leading Gastro expert in patients with EDSIII. I reported to being in so much pain had had to resort to strong pain medications and wasn't far off a visit to A&E. Mr H will do some interim surgery involving botox again to help with the muscles that have become in deep spasm in my rectal area (which is making my back pain worse), if there is too long a wait for Prof Aziz's thoughts. All I know is I am an increasingly bad way and now needing 3+ laxatives per night and still unable to completely empty my bowels. Mr H begun mentioning frightening words like 'Stoma' to me. There is no way I can end up with a bag..... is there??? I now have to wait to see Prof Aziz.

I saw the osteopath again on Friday. He was pleased the sciatica had gone away but continued to work on my "jammmed" lateral spine and sacral/gluteal area. He has given me further exercises for medial hip rotation. He taped my back up at my request at the end of the session. Again, it transpires my deep frontal core abdominal muscles are not working - so I am well and truly stuffed until they do.
My guts are in a terrible state and I feel about 6 months pregnant. I went on a long walk today and noticed that my sciatic symptoms have returned, although they are minor. I really hate this condition - it is so miserable and wretched. I am so tired of making so much effort - e.g exercise, diet change etc for nothing to get a lot better. It is so hard. I have had enough of all this pain. I am thinking of colonic irrigation!!!

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Anonymous said...

I had emergency bowel surgery over 20 years ago. I was told I would wake up with a temporary colostomy, which would be reversed later on. As it happened, they couldn't do the resection at that time, so postponed it. When I had my post-op review, I declined further surgery and said I'd see how things went.

Over 20 years later - so far, so good. I think it was just as well that I didn't have the op and resection - although I do have ongoing pain. I've been told since by a gastro surgeon that further abdominal surgery would be a last resort now, anyway, as I'm full of adhesions from that op and also endometriosis.

Just wanted to encourage you a little - I know how scary the 'S' word can be. I hope your appointment with Prof Aziz is helpful.