Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deep Core Failure and Back Pain and Spasm

My 'Deep Back Line (Myers) has been over-working for the past 6-8 weeks and has been in spasm on several occasions. I have had sciatica as well and have had some Osteopathy sessions, but the pain has returned and Bowen has held the fort, but today I went back to my physio for a crisis review, as my pain was terrible and was getting beyond a state of functioning. This has been the case over the last few weeks in terms of a decline in energy, an increase in fatigue and a decline in mood and becoming socially isolated because I have no desire to do anything. This has (largely) stemmed from deep-core muscular failure which my physio said might have also been triggered by anything - including a psychological event/incident. This, I can quite possibly relate to a very difficult time in psychotherapy. The result now is that despite a week of very intensive Pilates from me and ongoing attempts to kick-start my deep abdominal muscle have failed. My tummy is sagging and I have gained some weight and I constantly want to be in a forward flexion position. This is a typical movement pattern for me and one in the past we have tried to get me out of - but it is obviously bought out when I am threatened. My balance on both feet with my eyes closed bore this out - I had no sense of control and was tipping backwards. When I stood further forward, which would be the correct position, it felt like I was falling off a cliff! This is the trouble with HMS and problems with proprioception, as well as the deep-core muscular failure.

My physio did a lot of work on my back and relased off many incredible points of pain. He then taped my back up and he has asked me to go and get a swiss ball to sit on as much as possible and to go swimming - but to do specific exercises  - anything that might get the deep-core abdominals to fire. Until this happens any further progress is entirely hampered. I really hate being in this state so much, and spending time having to catch up again before I can make progress. I am having more physio next week. I said to my physio that a whole 3 months without any treatment was definitely too long. In all honesty, even when I am well, I still require treatment at least every 6-8 weeks. I think this will be how it is forever and ongoing.

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