Monday, August 12, 2013


I have been really unwell over the past week which resulted in an emergency hospital admission for one week in order to control an episode of acute diverticulitis.

In 2011 I was diagnosed (as per colonoscopy) with diverticulosis which seems to be the asymptomatic form of diverticulitis. At that time only three very mild sites were found. When I was admitted via A&E last week, a CT scan was requested which found significantly more (uncomplicated) diverticulitis. This ultimately resulted in requiring me to be on a clear liquid diet (mainly water) with saline drip infusions and double-antibiotic IV infusions three times daily + pain relief. I left hospital with another 7 day course of two different antibiotics. I am now home, having lost 3kg last week and assessing my diet to ensure it is the best it can be to support my ongoing constipation and to aid recovery. I have an appointment with my colorectal surgeon tomorrow, which is really fortunate.

Prior to my emergency admission to hospital I had a fairly dramatic increase in weight (about 7kg) and then started to have increasing left illiac fossa pain which became very severe resulting in one episode of vomiting. I went to A&E where I was x-rayed and found that my colon was completely 'loaded.' I was asked to go home and take 8 Movicol laxitive sachets and repeat. This I duly did and then was in so much pain 48 hours later that I returned to A&E. They repeated the x-ray to find that the colon was less loaded, but shortly after a decision was made by the surgical team to admit me to hospital.

I have had years and years of problems with my bowels and difficulties with efficient evacuation. Having tried diet and bowel retraining as well as regular exercise, nothing improves. It is just possible that owing to my EDSIII the stretchy collegenous tissues might mean that there is an increased risk of diverticulitis (Knight, 2013). This is far from proven as yet, and further research would have to thoroughly investigate any such link. I am beginning to accept that as much as I can do with my diet and exercise that it might be my faulty connective tissues that are rather unhelpful in my management. I do fear for the fact I might need surgery. I have been warned that if I have another one or two episodes resulting in admission that this is likely to be the case.

I will have another colonoscopy in six weeks to assess the situation. I will, as ever, keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm really sorry that you have been unwell. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

I am in the process of being diagnosed with EDS and POTS, and on a steep learning curve.

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I would love any info or links you have about this. My email is if you feel up to an email with your thoughts on ballet and EDS?

I hope you feel much better soon.


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