Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cracking Thoracic Spine - Literally!

I saw my lovely osteopath today. I said that I would like to include osteopathy (and acupuncture) in my update of the book I had published in 2011. It is really good to have found someone who is a) really good and b) is aware of working with both dancers and people with EDS.

I was videoed walking. On the first go, my legs were more medial than was normal (and certainly normal for me). I explained I was trying so hard to use medial rotation and my adductors! On the second go, it looked a little more normal, but still not showing a very natural use of hips.

I was given some things to do with my feet and then I showed my exercises to T before there was a plan of action for my very tight thoracic spine and ongoing glut medius and overwork right hip and underworking left gluteal.

I actually got "cracked" today at T8 and somewhere else. It felt good, although a bit scary, but it was so tight, something had to give. It is the first time in about 20 years I have allowed someone to "crack" my spine, but it was about stiffness in rotation and it did help to free things up.

Some of the manual work was more painful, especially the work on my medial rotation which is so jammed to the right.

I left with more exercises to build on the  Feldenkrais work of allowing the hips to tilt up and down more naturally. I have to continue with my calf work and lunges. It was a good session!

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