Sunday, December 1, 2013

Acute injury and straining a facet-joint

I had a small overnight bag (OK - it was heavier than it should have been). I bent down to retrieve my post, bending diagonally. The force required pulled me to the left and I felt something 'go.' I thought I would get over it until I was holding my new niece for some time on a low sofa . I felt the muscles in the area go into further spasm. I moved about, knowing I had 'done something' more to my back than the usual muscular aches. I had, in the morning, applied kinesio tape to my back, for the sake of the pain in my 'hinge' at L4/5, but it had not helped this more acute incident.

Over night I had more pain and despite glute stretches, there was a slow and gentle throbbing sensation which went into my left buttock and gently down my left leg. I knew I was in trouble when I was struggling to weight-bear on the left leg, but sitting was also very uncomfortable. Luckily my osteopath had space to see me much later in the day, so I was most glad.  He said I had strained a facet joint pulling on the adjacent and adjoining musculature and it was all inflamed (no kidding!). A treatment ensued with the request to ice, drink plenty of water and to use heat pads.

I tried some Bowen moves on the area, but also needed painkillers. A follow up appointment was arranged for Monday the following week. It is all frustrating and I am still in a great deal of pain. It just shows how little I still need to do in order for there to be a full-scale incidence. I am absolutely shattered. To be fair though, even normo-mobiles could have incidents such as this.....

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