Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Left leg issues a red card

In early April, my left calf decided issue me a "red card" and give me an ultimatum. It said that, "It is unfair of you to expect me to cope with this work load and I just want you to stop and think about it. I am going to make myself as sore as possible so you are completely inhibited today!". It did that and left me to it.

Seriously though, it was a beginners ballet class on Monday 7 April, and I was not doing any allegro or demi-pointe work again and now this was the "good" leg having a grumble.

I felt disconnected all class long and miserable that I couldn't dance "properly". I was also worried about this flaring up again having historically suffered from recurrent calf-pain as a teenager.

I decided that enough was enough and made an appointment to see a specialist dance physiotherapist, which I did the following Monday.

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