Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Specialist Dance Physiotherapist

I saw K for the first time and it was very interesting and helpful. To be fair T (my ballet teacher) had already suggested that I reduced my turnout, but I hadn’t heard or understood how poorly my hips were functioning in terms of my turnout, thinking I was already using them. Clearly I hadn’t been. Other interesting observations were how much less stable my right leg looked, femur and tibia not united in a straight line at all, hence the weakened calf which brought me to physio to start with. Remedial exercises have been given and I am going to reduce my turnout in class.

Later on, my first class was much better than I had thought it might be. I was worried about how “bad” it would look having my feet in a much smaller first/fifth, but what would be worse than screwing my knees, or continuing to tear my calf muscles? It was hard to be standing next to a very thin and good student with 180 degrees of turnout, but I have to remember I am not a professional, and as serious as I am about my ballet, I now need to think about working more safely within the limits of my physique, and as T said in pilates, "much can be done about controlling swayback legs, and their associated problems.". With the right support, and I have that, I can move on from this temporary problem and end up with legs that are stronger, with much more use of turnout from the correct place; the hip.

On a positive note, I have noticed how much better my balances are getting. This is good progress.

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