Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Physiotherapy Report

I saw Isobel Knight for Physiotherapy today and she asked if I could feed back to you my findings. I found pretty much what you have already noticed: that she under uses that right hip both in extension and in abduction where she is weak. This leads to her sitting in on her right hip and leads to a weakness throughout the right lower limb. Due to the weakness in the right turnout muscles as well she is underutilising her available range of turnout at the right hip, leading to overturning out below the right knee and an increased use of medial calf.

Her left hip looks better, but she overuses her lateral quadriceps and under uses her turnout muscles of the hip.

I have given her some specific exercises to strengthen all of the above areas and I suggest, as you did, that she reduces the degree of turnout she is using in this rehabilitation phase so that she can learn to use what she has and to continue to hold this degree of turnout throughout the allegro section of class.

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