Monday, May 12, 2008

Physiotherapy Follow-Up

I had my first dance specialist physiotherapy follow-up today, and by the amount of work I need to do, I am going to need to get up half an hour earlier in order to fit it all in! I have 5 new things to do:

· Find the mid position of my knees, keeping my quads relaxed; the aim of this being to find a gentle resting tension in my legs. This is more a of a mental exercise and will be quite hard for me to do since I very much overuse my quads!

· The next exercise is a very nasty inside thigh exercise which I will do on each leg, starting with 5 reps and increasing.

· The third exercise is another inner thigh exercise involving a series of mini-squats, squeezing a towel, ensuring I keep my pelvis in neutral and use both legs equally!

· Another exercise involves one-legged standing or swapping between legs, ensuring my gluteals are engaged

· The final exercise involves an overhead stretch, with the arm above the head and a side flex, remaining on both feet and without moving the pelvis. This was going to be more difficult to the left where I want to cheat!

In addition to these new exercises, I need to continue my other exercises set from the last time!

For the time being I am going to continue doing only 2-2 feet allegro, but later on the year my physiotherapist thought the use of a trampoline might be good for me. Until then she suggested I could hop and skip and jump outside of the ballet studio instead!

My next appointment will be in one month. Looks like I have my work cut out now!

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