Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well another month has passed, and I am due to see physiotherapist KW on Monday!

In general it has been a good month. There have been no calf injuries at all over the past four weeks which was one of the goals I had to aim for this time. The last thing I wanted was to keep repeating negative patterns.

I think I was a bit over-generous in my measurement of my Right calf, but it stands at 40.5cam, whilst the left is 41.5cm - my measurements seem to change, and I need a better tape measure, and not to have a tabby cat circling around me also! Still the right leg lags behind, but it is generally feeling much stronger.

The exercises I was given on 12 May have been hard work. Very hard work actually, and have taken considerable dedication and time from me. I think that there will be a payback though. I suppose the first payback is in not having any injuries this month. I am also starting to feel considerably stronger and more stable on the right leg, which feels really good; particularly in the centre.

I am finding the adductor or inner-thigh exercises particularly gruelling, but my legs are now starting to slim down, and the more support that they provide, the less my quads have to over-work. My gluts are coming on too, but I am not quite managing to switch them on in all but static positions. I am sure that this will come in time.

I am about to have a few weeks holiday, but I will be continuing with my exercise regime whilst on holiday, which is bound to be increasing to more or less 45-60 minutes a day after I receive new exercises on Monday!

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