Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mental and Emotional Health

Something that has concerned me over the past few weeks is my mental health attitude towards classical ballet classes. It appears that I continue to be over anxious and get rather upset if I am unable to do a particular sequence. The Saturday class I attend is particularly difficult and therefore stressful to me. On the one hand, I could continue taking "beginner/elementary" level classes and be very good at them, but as other dancing friends keep saying to me, I need to get out of my comfort zone and I won't know what I can achieve until I try - even if I am all over the place and not very good in the higher level classes. I know I lack a lot of confidence and panic about the length and complexity of the enchainments, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

I am especially aware of links to my menstrual cycle and how "hormonal" I can become. This has an added effect on my behaviour in class.

Also, perhaps I should stop watching and comparing myself to others so much, or be quite so hard on myself. I am doing well in my own dancing right, and I need to focus on my own goals - for example to start attempting double pirouettes even if I have to hop around the second one!

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