Friday, July 4, 2008

Post Holiday Training Pain

Following two lovely weeks in France (13-28 June, I returned to class once more on Monday 30th June. I had continued all my physio exercises each day (barring two days) and had also managed to do some ballet practice whilst away on my own. I was therefore a little surprised that my left leg, the so called "good" leg through a little yellow card at me following Monday's class; the easiest class of my week!

Technically the soreness as it is that rather than pain is mid posterior lateral calf, exactly half-way between the heads of the gastrocnemious and the heel. Dancing on Tuesday made me feel wary of it all again and having to be careful on the demi-pointe was rather frustrating.

I did some Bowen, and I have now done a further two classes and it has behaved itself again, so hopefully this is just post-holiday training pain!

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