Thursday, July 17, 2008

Physio Appointment Update

I had my latest physio appointment today and K says that the jigsaw pieces are coming together, but that what is missing now are my hamstrings playing an active role in bracing my leg. Yet again it is the right leg that has the weaker set of muscles, and an instability in the right pelvis remains. I now have some new exercises to strengthen my hamstrings. In addition I need to practice even weight-bearing because part of the reason the measurement of my right calf is lagging behind the left is because I am not using the right leg equally in every day life, let alone a ballet class.

K said that where I am still getting pain in my lower leg is actually encouraging because the pain has moved away from the calf area and is on to tendenous tissue and is an equal pain to both legs. We are going to re-visit foot exercises and exercises for the hip flexors in September when I am next reviewed. In the interim I can now cut out the side stretch exercises and do not need to do as many as 100 oblique curls each day. I also need to do more gluteal exercises to the right and proportionately less to the left. In addition it was considered whether I should do twice as much exercise on the right side, but at the moment the challenge remains just to keep the hips level when transferring from right to left. I will be continuing to practice this slowly at home.

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