Sunday, August 10, 2008

Progress - or lack of!

I am finding all-things ballet rather frustrating at the moment. Firstly it is very obvious that my progress in relation to my physio exercises has ground to a complete halt which is just starting to make it hard for me to get on with them at the moment. I have also had a number of ballet teachers pulling me up out of my hips. It is irritating because I know why they are doing this, but I am reluctant to pull up out of my legs myself because I am afraid of overloading my lower leg in case this puts too great a strain on my calf muscles.

Additionally my knees are being somewhat grumpy laterally and posteriorally - and I just want to become totally deaf to any pain sensation my body is issuing. If I listen to everything I am going to be completely grounded, for goodness sake!

Finally, I am in a tricky position because if I do classes at intermediate/advanced level, my technique and care into placement has to go out of the window at the expense of keeping up the level of the class. Yet doing a beginners/elementary class means I do not get out of first gear, as such. People keep telling me to stretch myself, and I am now feeling uncomfortable at both levels. My gut instinct tells me I ought to remain at elementary level until I have ironed out the technical points relating to my injury - but then I never feel I am progressing as a dancer. AHHHH!

What I am trying to organise is a one-hour physio session in September, as half an hour is never enough. I am also trying to arrange to have a private class with my preferred teacher because she has now taught me for quite sometime and knows all my quirks. She is also a fantastic teacher and is extremely knowledgeable.

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