Monday, August 11, 2008

Jumping.,.... And Again!!!

Well it has happened yet again - on the good leg. A nasty little pull to the same area in an allegro warm-up on 2-2 feet. I don't think it will be too bad and I stretched it out and gave it a Bowen treatment as soon as possible, but even so.... I am so fed up with this happening, it is utterly tiresome.

Felt a bit down on the way home after class. I was supposed to be going for a drink/something to eat with 2 people from class who I like a lot, but I just felt like retreating and to be honest, crying. It is frustrating because I had had a generally good class, and although it was only a basic beginners class, there was still plenty I could work on more slowly, and did.

I just wish I had been doing something as exotic as the jete pictured above - but no; just some sautes in first!

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