Monday, November 17, 2008

Not great!

I think I have had the worst ballet class tonight that I have done in a while, and it mainly stemmed from changing the side I stand on at the barre to face the mirror. Normally I have been observing the right leg as the supporting leg, particularly since the calf injury. However tonight I stood on the left, and was observing the right leg working, and left leg supporting. I think that the left leg has been neglected over time, and some bad habits have crept in - rolling being one and over-rotating being another culprit.

In the centre I felt a lot more subdued because my teacher said that she was getting fed up about seeing my ribs being so out and I felt crushed because I had been trying so hard in the class to not do this. It was during the adage this happened. Sometimes I really feel like giving up.

Feeling really low about all of it and believe I am no longer making any progress with anything (not helped by not doing my exercises religiously). Anyway, I am sure I will move out of this slump.

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