Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Odd Body

I suppose my body is no more odd than other other body's - but I found out some interesting things about mine today:

1) My right leg is 1.5cm shorter than my left

2) I probably do have Hypermobility Syndrome as I had 2 of the major criteria and 2 of the minor criteria

3) My left leg gave a reading of 68, 69 and 69 on the 'Functional Footprint's used to measure lateral rotation of the hips - or 'turn-out'. My right leg, however gave a reading 52, 61, 60 or thereabouts and was much more sluggish to move. A reading in the 60s is good - but there is still quite a difference between the right and left leg, with the left being so much freer.

4) My right calf is officially 40cm and the left calf is 41cm. This means that there is still a 1 cm difference, but this is now acceptable. There was a similar discrepancy in the circumference of the thigh.

5) I have a jump height of about 3.41cm when I am in shoes.

I had a really good pilates session today with a trainee teacher, who was very helpful. We spent so much of the session in trying to stop me from losing the connection with my ribs and to use more of the posterior rib cage. When I was doing some ballet choreography the other day, I noticed I have started to have a bit more feeling in the thoracic spine, so this is definitely what I am aiming towards.

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