Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fatiguing muscles

Well you would think I knew enough about this now - but I am clearly still learning... I did a ballet class where we spent approx 40 minutes doing battement tendus and glisses - e.g. lots of foot work. I had to stop during the last exercise the teacher set as my calves were totally fatigued. Whilst the others were finishing and I had a moment of reflection (and bitterness), I also realised that my gluteal muscles had also stopped working, probably before the point my calves had given up. This means that I really cannot afford not to work ever so hard at my gluteal control and my exercises from K. The better my legs are supported by my gluteals and hamstrings, and the more I am lifted out of my pelvis, the less pressure and effort is put in my medial gastrocnemious, and the longer they can last. All this dance science and physio really is paying off. Technically I should have rested from class today, but I am not dancing again until Monday and will be having some Bowen treatments in the next few days, so I should be good to go again by next week!

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