Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Right calf sore

I had to ballet with restrictions for the first time in a very long time. I had done too much allegro on Saturday and my right calf was in pain - actually more in the soleus area rather than calf, but it made demie-pointe work too painful, and allegro plain risky. It was annoying having to be careful about things, but actually doing the class, which was a particularly nice one, was helpful and did loosen the muscle again. I said to T I thought it was a bit of training pain, and she said to do as much as I could.

In class T made correction of my same adductor in pilates (see "picky" entry), but I still had trouble feeling it - so I guess that is just another proprioception problem.

Apart from that I was not in good form at work at all - head all over the place and extremely tired from needing to take codeine the night before. I had to take it last night as well. Chronic pain and fatigue are very wretched conditions!

Finally, a nice, but older guy in the class, said how much weight I had lost and how toned I looked - must be all the pilates!!! All good for a girl's self-esteem!

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