Saturday, November 21, 2009

General Improvements

I saw K again on Thursday and she has given me some new exercises to do which include:

1) Spinal roll down - keeping my weight forwards over my toes as much as possible

2) Pelvic circles

3) Hip strengthing exercise lying supine

4) Foot work - and use of spikey ball

5) Hip medial rotation and neck exercises lying on deflated ball

K is now doing less "hands-on" work with me now that the right hip is settling - but will do so again if it flares up again or does not completely settle.

I worked with M in pilates today, which was great. M is my favourite pilates teacher and just seems to understand me and precisely what I need. M made me do lots of things on the right leg on its own on the reformer, and something involving standing on the left leg on a box and let the right leg dangle, swinging like a pendulum in order to try and relax the hip flexor. Both K and M think that my hip pain remains because I cannot switch off sufficient muscle groups and that I recruit all muscle groups I can just to get control. I think M is right about my hip flexor being very tight.

Both K and M are ensuring I do plenty of proprioceptive work 'without use of the mirror' (which T will certainly approve of). M also helped me with side bends today. The problem side is always the right!!! The bilateral differences are still very great.

Anyway - things are moving on, and today is the first day in the last 3 months when my body felt in much less pain in pilates. Most importantly, my right hamgstrings are finally firing - which is really helping me avoid sitting into my knees.

Ballet was not so good this week, particularly on Tuesday, and I got told off a lot of times. I am banned from the mirror. Again.

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