Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Flags for Injury

I am hoping to conduct some research early into 2010 that will look at some observations of hypermobile dancers that will start to look at clues into the learning behaviours of these dancers and for behavioural characteristics that will start to identify themes that possibly point towards injury. In a sense my MSc Dance Science thesis touched on this, but could not answer this question by virtue of how the project was designed.

In terms of myself as a JHS dancer, I would like to suggest the following red flags:

. Lapses in concentration
. Inability to follow sequences
. Making continual mistakes/inaccuracies - even with steps I am familar with
. Lack of stability and balance
. Not able to stand still, continuing to go into stretches/forward bends
. Feeling very anxious
. Feeling fatigued
. Being injured already and compensating for an injured body part (distraction)
. Menstural cycle influence (progesterone increases joint laxity)

I wonder what will be observed in other dancers?

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