Monday, December 27, 2010

A complete pain in the neck!

K has explained to me that my neck is in severe muscular spasm because the deep muscles do not work properly and the superficical ones (e.g. upper traps and SCM) overwork. The deep ones do not work because they are trying to control such a large range of movement, but they do not manage it and then therefore fatigue or go into a muscle spasm which is protective and locking. This is happening to my hip flexors as well and they are also locked up.

The pain would be tolerable if it ever responded to pain medication, but it is not - other than Diazepam, which is not recommended as a long course of treatment. I am using my neck collar, having periods without it, but if I go too far with this, I just end up in more pain, so I need to find the right balance. The pain is not the only problem. I am experiencing sickness, dizziness and visual disturbance which are neurological symptoms and what K required me to be checked out for in hospital. I am now waiting for an MRI scan to see if there are any other clues as to what is causing my neck to remain in this state of spasm - but it might be that the MRI scan does not show this and it is just another very difficult feature of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility, Type 3). I am being sent to a Neurologist early in February, so he might shed some light on things, and the strange muscle twitches/spasms which I also get, mainly in Pilates or physiotherapy.

Anyway, yet again this condition has ruined another social occasion when the nausea, headache and pain have required me to go back home. I have done my exercises like a good girl - but do hope that K is able to sort this situation out more rapidly when we continue physio in the New Year. I am hoping to try ballet tomorrow - but it is not looking very hopeful!

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