Saturday, January 1, 2011

Exercise Update

Physiolattes exercises are going well except for hamstrings which is just involving kicking and a bit of a coordination crisis - this is quite funny really. Doing the exercise to the theme tune of Eastenders seems to have helped!!

Adductors - I eventually realised that I wasn't extending the left leg properly (it was always remaining slightly bent) so I wasn't using my adductors fully either. This understanding was reinforced when one of my ballet teachers told me my leg isn't extended. K noticed this in parallel rises. I think that I am beginning to correct this issue in rises. What is still awful is my left ankle which is rolling very badly.

Traps - doing really well and now on 4 reps either seating or lying prone. Left side is still slower and weaker.

Traps - stretches - good.

Abs curl - doing much better, left side weaker, but not significant difference (as I perceive).

Pelvic tilt - doing well with leg on knee 6 reps each side. Also doing pelvic tilt with leg on sofa and this is doing well.

Wall exercise - excellent progress and now managing to take arms in a circle. 5+ reps. Really good work.

Neck work - improving, including some new ones K doesn't yet know about, but think she will understand the logic for them. Head still very poor in nodding.

I am still doing rises and occasional clams for good measure.

Hopefully K will see an improvement in all the above when I am reviewed next week.

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