Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Asthma and Hypermobility Syndrome

I wonder if I am the only person with Hypermobility Syndrome who has the most amazing, and 'above average' Peak Flow reading, who also gets a hard time at the doctors when her peak flow goes to what would be within normal limits for a 'normal' person, but way below her own average. My usual Peak Flow reading is now 525 on the Wright Peak Flow Scale. The average for a 36 year old female is 420. The recomended range being 390-4. Today, my Peak Flow has dipped to 375 which is low, and increases to 425 after asthma medication. My chest is wheezy and I am very tight in the thoracic and neck (not helped by Pilates yesterday!). Anyway - I guess if my Peak Flow does drop below 300 I will need to get help because I am only getting very short relief from my asthma inhaler. I suppose it could be a chest infection.... I should probably get help soon as the chart suggests to do so if one's Peak Flow reading has dropped 30% below their normal reading, and mine now has. I don't want to have to go to the doctors....!

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