Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overdoing Pilates!

I did too much Pilates and I am now paying for it. K's exercises very rarely cause me an increase in pain if I do them within sensible and carefully paced boundaries - usually supervised by her. Last night I did a variation on a theme of one of K's exercises, only it was done too many times and as a result today I cannot do 3 of K's exercises because the whole area is far too fatigued. This is not good. I sort of knew at the time, but it was difficult to stop in a class, and then I thought I would "get through it" - well, I have, but there is a pay-back. It is also less good as the exercise involved neck, which I can ill-afford to "mess up" - anyway, I think the motto of the story is that very often, less is more and I should have stopped before I got to the point I was questionning myself. I should have trusted my intuition and stopped. Oh well - you live and learn!

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