Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ballet Update

Ballet was great last night. Sadly I didn't make it tonight because of a working meeting. Last night I got a, "Good, Isobel" for my balance on the demie-pointe on the left leg in retire. It was good - I was up there for ages. In the centre I almost did a triple pirouette en dehors to the right (on the left leg)  - I say almost, because there was a bit of an element of cheating, hopping and gritted determination. However, the intention was there, the flesh was willing and I was very comfortable trying. On the right leg, and therefore pirouetting to the left, things are less good, but I hope that this will even out eventually. All dancers have a perferred side to pirouette, so that is not a big problem.

In allegro, I did assembles for the first time in a series since the accident in 2008. This is highly significant from a psychological perspective as much as a physical one. The exercise given required four assembles over and was quite slow, so I had plenty of time. I had to do this twice through. I did feel physically very sick for a brief moment, but I realised that this was absolutely psychological and owing to the fear I had in doing that step. I have done the step at the barre numerous times since the accident, but not unsupported. I feel that this is a big step forwards in the confidence I am having in my body and it's new found strength. I still think it will be a while before I am doing that step in a fast series and therefore at speed inconjunction with other steps, but huge progress none the less!

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