Monday, August 15, 2011

Flare up 'rages' on

This flare up has really taken a hold to the extent I have had to ring my GP for advice (too fatigued to go there). I have pain in every single square centimetre of my body. Needle-like pain all over my arms, upperback  and into my legs. My left knee is really unhappy, and as for my lumbar spine, it is in absolute chaos. My left abdominal hurts and I am wiped out. This post will be short. I have been advised I can up my dose of Diazepam to cope with the worst of my muscle spasms. I will go incrementally from 5-7mg and then up to 10mg to cope with this. I can take codeine, but we are trying to mimimise that because of the problems with my gut (Diverticulcosis) as per diagnosis of Colonoscopy. I had no effects from the sedation or local anaesthesisa, (Lidocaine) and was thoroughly awake throughout - so perhaps I am suffering from the effects of this also. The worst aspect of the procedure which actually caused pain was being pumped full of gas so they can see the colon. This caused a lot of pain until (ahem) it was released.

I hate being in the state. I have done all the right things. I went swimming on Friday, I even walked back from hospital on Saturday as I was totally "with it"  Yesterday I went for a walk and did some ballet and physio exercises from home. Today I am "grounded" and will just try and do one or two physio exercises. I keep trying to do things like work (from home), but the pain is just awful. I am missing K, but even she would be in difficulty helping me today. I will keep having baths, and cuddling the cat. I would like a big hug form someone. People just understanding helps. Will go on the HMSA forum (Hypermobility Syndrome Association Forum). I hate flare ups. There is no-knowing how long it will go on for, but it will pass in time. I have had a remarkably good few weeks, it is so depressing returning to this space.


Achelois said...

I don't think bendy people like procedures at all/ My gp thinks that things like that are pretty much a prescription for a flare such as you are having.

Perhas the swimming also needs looking at. So not saying don't do it. More, perhaps look at pacing again. ie - take more time to build up to what you are doing when you do go. Because its weightless it is so easy to over do it without realising. Perhaps a classic case of wanting to run before you can walk. Worried about typing that as I am sure you will say no no no I haven't overdone it! But because I care I shall put it in anyway.

I am sure you will get much empathy and listening ears at the HMSA.

It will pass but in the meantime be kind to yourself. Ride it out with dvd's and sleep. This too shall pass. I completely understand how frustrating, painful, tiring and utterly exhausting it is.

Isobel said...

Thanks for your support - It is again about pacing, about new physio exercises and new exercise in general.