Thursday, October 6, 2011

First time - up and running!

I went to the park today and once again repeated my measured walk and beat my score of last weekend. I did it this time in 7.30. I had a very good sense of deep core abdominal strength and confident eye line, thus retaining neck alignment. I felt strong and purposeful and really raised my heart rate level in the walk, doing it as fast as possible. I then walked a bit further around the park before just trying to break into a gentle run. As it was a Thursday, and the park less busy, I felt able to just have a go without feeling people might be looking at me. I was probably going in 50 metre stints and then decided to use the chorus of songs to run in and walk in the rest of the time. This meant my HR was raised, but I was even able to sing along. I could probably go even faster and longer! Later in the day I had to walk a lot more owing to bus problems because of a fire local to my work, so certainly did plenty of exercise. Was also absolutely starving hungry! Anyway, in terms of the running, I felt quite stable and think the movement probably looked good, but will ask K to review it if she has time. Running was a huge step forwards in my progress and I am really proud of myself for having a go - several times. It felt much stronger than it had as a child or teenager. I must do some gluteal and calf stretches before bed tonight! Oh, and I also had 8.5 hours sleep last night. Life is good today!

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