Monday, July 23, 2012

Muscle stiffness and "spasm" and strength

I thought that I would share some of the thoughts that have been going around my head lately in terms of contemplating why I get this horrible locking muscle stiffness. One reason might be that I am not doing enough stretching after exercise - ballet or jogging. Another reason might be that as my muscles are regaining strength, they are tightening up in response to this, but it is not a feeling like DOMS. It is hard to reduce this muscle spasm and stiffness which tends to be at localised spots such as gluteals and abdominals. I have some tips for managing this. I have been doing Bowen lumbar spine moves to kick start things before then having a warm bath to allow my muscles to "relax." This is key as first thing in the morning is worst. I am taking magnesium as a supplement for nerve/muscle function. If the spasm is very severe I will take an NSAID and then possibly a small dose of Diazepam. Stretching is also an important strategy in reducing the spasm and getting moving. I am then also having manual therapy (usually physio) to reduce this - but it is a vicious cycle and it is difficult to break - I am in a bad spell of it, but have just recognised some major strength gains, so will look at this as the main reason and take heart (or muscle) and go and have a good stretch to reward my efforts.

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