Monday, July 30, 2012

Spiralling and calf work

I had an interesting physio session today. M decided to work down my right lower limb and then up the left lower limb. He is working on various spiralling patterning in me. All this lower limb work involved a lot of calf work and I coped really well and in fact it was the first time for me that it was finally hardly an issue. I got through any difficulties with use of breath for relaxation. The fact that M had explained to me some weeks ago that my sensitisation of (an overly) sensitised central nervous system aka chronic pain would bottle neck in my calves (due to previous traumas) has really helped me to understand when and why they become 'wired.' However it is a huge breakthrough that I am now allowing M to work on them properly without throwing the kind of fit I would have done not so long ago. For me understanding things is the key to breaking through these kind of issues. A lot of work has been done on the whole calf issue over the past few years. Latest measurement of calves now leave only 2cm between right (38cm) and left (40cm) legs. Our hope is to reduce this gap by a further 1cm, which would be normal.

M did some work into right obliques, psoas/diaphragm and then set about giving me two exercises. One is being on all fours and simply extending the lower limbs (whilst remaining weight-bearing). The other exercise involves putting one arm out to second position (whilst kneeling on all four) and then me following the arm with my head/neck, thus involving upper thoracic and this new area of sensation we are awakening in upper thoracic spine. It is an extension of the first spiralling exercise given the other week. I then repeat this to the other side. M also asked me to re-start my psoas exercise in addition to my other staple core exercises.

I am feeling really positive at this stage in the treatment and can now see some kind of end stage when all remaining faulty patterns have been removed and final areas of rehabilitation (including TMJ) take place. Then I will just need physio for maintenance only. I am continuing with all cardiorespiratory work, carefully pacing up activity. I have come a very long way in my musculoskeletal rehabilitation over the past 4 years.

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