Saturday, August 11, 2012

In control..... Going up a level

I have just been informed that I don't have physio until 20th (one week later than expected) and I remain calm and in control. Last Friday's jogging problems (left knee, medial pain) are now last week's problems. I took care of the situation myself I self-treated using Bowen to rebalance my pelvis and knee. I went back to walking immediately and then managed a fatigue by just simply sleeping for the afternoon. I was able to do some ballet and then life went on. I have followed my own self-management plan and know that I am confident in managing life's little situations as they arise and present themselves. Having drunk a lot of alcohol in the week, I knew it wasn't suiting me, so I stopped and had a night off, even though I was with others who were still drinking. I have felt good and in complete control of my body (and mind). I have made huge progress in recognising all these things including my acceptance and management of pain.

My new physio exercises are causing me some training pain, but I am understanding that this is now essential so that the last pieces of the jigsaw can be puzzled. I am enjoying being in my body and watching this dialogue unfolding as the spiralling exercises work to strengthen and loosen the area of inhibition in my Thoracic Spine. There has never been any gain without pain throughout my entire story. The more I understand and accept what is happening, the more I am able to tolerate the situation without the level of upset that would have been the case over a year ago. This is a huge step forwards.

Today I did ballet in the centre (no barre work) and danced with more precision and strength and control than I have ever done before. Although this is only from home and not in a studio session, I know that my hard work will transfer back to class, and I look forward to doing this again very soon.

I believe I am now going up a notch in my own health and well-being (musculoskeletally). It has taken over four years of enormous hard work and dedication from those involved. I cannot jog for another few days as I am waiting for my new trainers to arrive, but a bit of medial knee pain won't put me off - if it re-appears I will triage it again until other help arrives, but I will not get upset about it or let it spoil my day. I will simply wait and do other forms of exercise until I can jog again. I am also looking forward to trying other new sports again as my confidence increases. I am now in a better space again than I was, and that feels good. Happy Days, (as my physio might say :)).

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