Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Confused bladder!

I saw the Urologist today. Despite surgery and other investigations including trial of Vesicare tablets (for over-active bladder, which didn't work for me) it seems we might have an answer for these strange episodes I have of needing to pass urine constantly (15 times in 90 minutes), late evening, and also why I need to pass urine at night. It might be that my body is "physiologically confused"(!) and that my bladder is much more active later in the day than it should be. In order to prove this test I need to measure precisely what I intake and output over a three day time period. If the information shows that I output much later in the day (which is what we predict) then it will confirm this "physiological confusion". I am not sure what the diagnosis is, or if there is a name for the condition, but my Urologist did say there would be an appropriate medication to take which should solve the problem. So I have put up with this for over 30 years and might finally have a real reason for it. Apparently my bladder capacity is really good, so the Urologist also thought that I am also possibly retaining urine, to an extent. This is something that is related to hyperlaxity of tissues. I am seeing Mr H in a month's time when hopefully there will be an answer to this problem! Mr H did also mention neurological irritation when it came to these odd episodes of continuous need for the bathroom, but fortunately I only get them a few times a month. It will be so blissful if this problem is resolved. Physio and Bowen have both helped in different ways, but only in a temporary capacity.

More hospital tomorrow with an TMJ MRI and then Neurology appt for my muscle spasms, which are still around....

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