Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good Times!

The quality of my life has really improved.  A major hurdle has been overcome and another one will be overcome by the end of this month. Now I am starting to sound like an astrologer.... I am the happiest I have been for almost nine months. I feel a huge sense of relief and have started to find joy in life again. Several people have commented that I sound like my old self again. It feels good to have reclaimed that person.

This weekend although I had some editing work to do I have otherwise met up with a friend, gone for walk and a jog, done some ballet, read a book in the garden, lazed around in the sun, played endless music and had a lazy and restful weekend. I cannot recall the last time I felt this relaxed, but it hasn't been for months. The sunshine helped - although it had become a bit too hot and humid.

I am beginning to realise where I want my life to go and that I have come off the fighting-line in physiological needs with my EDSIII and now moving up a notch to a newer and higher quality of life. I can see all sorts of doors opening and new opportunities coming my way. Life feels good and it is good to be me.

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