Saturday, September 15, 2012

The end of an Era, this blog and Physiotherapy!

I have been giving this some thought for a week or two, but feel that it is now the right time to stop having regular physiotherapy sessions save for a brand new acute injury (where Bowen cannot help). I honestly feel that I have come as far as I am ever going to go with physiotherapy and that for the most part I am as rehabilitated as I am ever realistically likely to be. I have a bank of exercises and a toolkit of self-help strategies including medications,  tape, Bowen, relaxation, meditation etc. I usually know how to triage most situations. I don't really think I need any further treatment. Although I am still prone to the strange episodes which effect my left-side and head, it is clear that physiotherapy is not able to help with these. My TMJ may not be perfect, but the orthodontic appliance helps and also Bowen is good for this. I also have some trigger points I can use to help with pain/tension.

I am not sure how my physio will feel about this, but think he will agree in many ways. I know where he is should I need something, but I no longer consider I require "treatment" - I can now manage most of my chronic complaints - I would return if something "new" occurred or for a brand new acute/traumatic incident only. Treatment begun in April 2008 and had taken 4.5 years in order for me to reach this point. It feels the right thing to do, it is also my decision to do this which feels very powerful. I am also terminating counselling sessions with my present therapist. There have been a lot of endings for me in 2012, but also I feel very positive and excited about the future with  new openings, places, work and people. I now have the right support and strength to go forward, but this has been a very long and complicated journey. I have many people to thank who have helped me along the way, but it is now time to cut these cords so I can fly, so this might be the penultimate entry in this blog. I have really enjoyed writing it, but it is now time to move on with my life and onto a new blog and a new chapter. I would like to thank all my supporters throughout the time of this journey and blog. I wish those who are still going through their own rehabilitation ongoing support and love. I will keep the blog open and perhaps pop back occasionally, and to let you know about the new book which will be published in early 2013. Goodbye.

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