Friday, June 5, 2009

Gluteus Medius Pain

Gluteus Medius
For the past month I have had hip pain that has been mild-moderate, but it became severe for a brief period (24 hours) after this Tuesday's ballet class. In my case the pain is coming from the insertion point of the greater trochanter, and according to the pilates team that I see, it is partly because my pelvis is twisted and my left quadratus lumborum is very tight. In my pilates sessions on both days, especially Thursday's we tried to take pressure off the area and for me to image my femur being firmly in the hip socket. M also spent time helping me with side bends, something T picked up on in ballet. I need to grow as much as possible out of the hip, really contract my pelvic floor, and keep square before I flex to the side. One to work on and think about.

I managed to have a free 15 minute consultation with the osteopath who did some massage on it and suggested that I need to engage the glut on the right side first before the left in stablisation work. On Monday I am seeing K and will also seek her advice on management of the situation.

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