Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spinal Hypermobility

My lumbar spine has been incredibly painful for the past few days. It feels as if acid has been poured onto it (so I guess a hot, red and burning pain). One of my theories as to the cause of the pain is owing to a new exercise M has had me doing involving hanging off the end of the reformer in the pilates studio and having to a pelvic tilt at that angle has caused excessive hinging into my lumbar spine. Another theory is that my spine has been in hyperextension a lot of the time (like the above picture) or my lumbar spine is suddenly getting less support from my thoracic spine because my thoracic spine has now regained some movement. Either way, it has been painful. Additionally have had "endometriosis-like" pelvic pain and my hip flexors and adductors are all tender. Finally, new pilates from T in ballet on Monday have caused all my abdominals to spasm and lock and so they are so fully engaged everything hurts and the area will not disengage at all. M got me to do lots of release work in Pilates tonight, but I could hardly yield my abs muscles as they are gripping for dear-life.
I think my body is very complicated. I am really looking forward (not) to explaining this to K tomorrow. M says I would help myself if I rested a bit more. She is right, I shouldn't have been at ballet last night when I was so fatigued I fell asleep on the way there - in addition my calf spasmed during pirouettes, luckily I pulled myself out of class at that point, but the potential for injury was there. Luckily feeling positive at the moment - but pain is all too similar to endo for my liking....


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