Monday, July 9, 2012

Further 6-12 weeks recovery, Post-Operative

I saw my physio today. He said there was a lot to do, so didn't waste anytime before starting to release my traps and other "nasty" upper body trigger points. Then there was work on my quads and hips trying to do anything to disengage my hip flexors and everything that was gripping on for dear life. Although we cannot yet prove that recovery takes longer in EDSIII/HMS patients, and the evidence for wound healing is anecdotal, my physio did say all his EDS patients taken longer to recover post-operatively. M has said to me that I can expect it to take a further 6-12 weeks to get to my pre-operative state. I had feared another few weeks, but this is a lot longer than I had imagined. All my superficial muscles are just fixing so he said there is no point in jogging, as pelvic floor will not be working, so we really are back to basics and pelvic tilts and trying to regain strength in my deep front line and lateral lines (Myers). At least I know now and can feel less guilty about resting, the reason for why I am feeling so fatigued and that it is all going to take a long time. It does, however, feel very hard to keep going back to square one!

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