Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I couldn't have picked a worse day for my injury since it was a beautiful day and also half-term and lots of other people were also busy having accidents too.

I had already applied ice to my calf and waited to be seen with more ice and some painkillers. I couldn't take any weight on my leg and although have strained the very same muscle groups many times over, I had never done so to this extent and was concerned about how badly I had done it since I heard the tear.

I was given crutches and told to keep my weight off the leg and was discharged with further painkillers and told to return to A&E should my calf suddenly swell up or become anymore painful (difficult to imagine) in case I had a DVT. It was now no longer considered necessary or beneficial to bandage or tubigrip the calf in case of blood clots, although the human in me very much wanted to do just that.

Some kind friends picked me up from A%E and drove me home and I sat and ate pizza (the only thing I could easily bung in the oven) and pondered the news I wouldn't be dancing for at least 4-6 weeks.

Before I went to bed I gave myself a Bowen treatment and did the knee procedure on me, the most logical one to attempt given all the moves on the calf muscles. I elevated my leg on a pillow and tried to sleep, negotiating the cat. It was not a happy night.

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