Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Class today

I had a really good class today. Maybe it was because I was feeling happy because I had had a positive physio session in the morning (see below)and progress was noted; who knows...? Everything just 'flowed' today; but just maybe my hard work and effort is starting to pay off. It maybe disappointing that I still can't jump for a bit longer, but the alternative in early re-injury is so much worse. I was saying to K today that my injury did me a favour. I think that I was dancing on a wing and a prayer before and my luck held out for a reasonable time. I am now looking physically much better - I have now lost 16kg since last November, and although the exercise regime has been very hard work and sometimes tedious, the improvements to my technique and muscle-tone have been worth every rep.

Leg measurements - L calf - 42cm R calf 40cm

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