Sunday, October 12, 2008


Image shows dancers doing 'Grand Battement'

Well another five weeks has passed since I was given my new exercises - time seems to be flying lately - but that is another story!

So where am I now?

Hip-Hitches - doing six each side. Left side is still much more 'stuck'
Foot Exercises - trying to knock out use of calf etc - doing 15 slow reps and 10 quick reps on each foot - underneath foot muscles still very sore and not used to it yet!
Glut Exercise - six reps each side
Clam (slow-version) - six reps each side
Mermaid - seven reps each side

I am still occasionally doing the adductor exercises/oblique curls at least weekly.

Since my last appointment I have lost another 2kg. Calf L = 41cm, R = 40cm

The left calf is still sometimes sore medially - but just lately I have been doing a lot more demi-pointe work, so that maybe why.

I had the opportunity to watch a video-recording of a ballet class I took on 10-10-08. It was fascinating. I could see how much work my legs/knee does because of the hypermobility. This is why I need to keep my thighs/hamstrings/adductors as supported as possible. My right leg is lethal in grand battement, so I can see why I have been told to 'be careful' with it. Another issue that there has been over the past few weeks is that I am not keeping my weight forwards; in other words 'my sternum is not over my naval'. I am finding it quite hard to do this - but not sure why. It might be something to discuss in physio - however the main thing there will be to continue looking at preparing for allegro - if this is possible.

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