Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enough is enough!

I can't releve again on my right leg. It is very sore from attempting assembles on Tuesday in ballet (at the barre, only), from walking yesterday and doing extra work in pilates on the right leg on the wobble board. I have had just about enough of this and wonder when I am going to come out of this continuous injury cycle.

Today as part of our Somatics Practices session we had Alexander Technique, and had a wonderful session being on the floor, moving with partners, and ending with a relaxation. This part of movement I seem to be able to manage well.

I am going to ice my calf again, do some Bowen on it and see how it is in the morning. I want to do a ballet class tomorrow, but the odds are not in my favour!

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elise said...

When your tendons and ligaments are defective, as in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, you are prone to injury, reinjury, and lots of pain. I hate to say this but I had to stop dancing because of my joint injuries, though I was in denial for 15 years prior to that. The continuous strain and stretching of my body for dance has caused most of my joint pain now. If only I had known about EDS sooner - though love for dance is pretty powerful. I probably would not have pushed my ROM so far. Your blog has been very interesting to read, thank you. I wish you well!