Sunday, June 21, 2009


Both my regular ballet teachers are getting pickier - even H who is normally really positive with me. She said in class yesterday that I really need to keep a gap in my heels in first position so that I can close in first position neutrally without snapping into hyperextension. I am still someway off doing this, and really struggle with first position. I have to say that I am feeling that my knees are very mobile at the moment and that all the effects of stabilisation from the Feldenkrais have sadly long-gone. I am feeling incredibly achey today, after last night's class.

Earlier in the week T was working on my adductors in "pilates into ballet" and saying that I need to pretend that my leg is cut off when doing the adductor exercise. She was holding onto my adductors, but as usual (as is the way of it in people with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome) it was a while before I could even feel anything, let alone isolate muscle contraction. I thought my adductors were quite good - perhaps more work is needed there again. Later in the class T said that she didn't want to see "that load of rubbish" when I was doing pirouettes - not pulled up in the leg and upper body all over the place! She was quite right - my pirouettes were particularly tragic that day!

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