Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am seeing K on Tuesday, so here is an update:

1. Hamstring exercise -fine no problems
2. Heel raises with tennis ball (or orange) - fine no problems
3. Side bends arm above head - tough, but no problems
4. Standing against wall stretch - very difficult still, with not many reps built up.
5. Right hip exercise - fine no problems

Generally good with (touch-wood)no major problems. The left calf is overall more painful than the originally injured right calf.

Right hip
Acute episode of right hip pain (see June entry) on gluteus medius. Happened at last week's pilates and ballet class. Not sure exactly what brought it on. Right hip is otherwise a great deal more stable than it was, and have been doing exercises for it for the last 3 months now.

Ballet - hands on correction before making mistakes
This was potentially very difficult for T to manage, but she has been giving lots of hands-on feedback for my right hamstring and glut, where I have no sensory feedback and it is helped to engage them. I have sometimes been made to do things without the barre when the right leg is my supporting leg.

T, however, says that I sometimes 'resist' corrections (not sure why that is) and she has noticed other things about me, particularly in relation to my eyes (all over the place) and that my concentration and focus are dispersed (she has noticed this with other JHS dancers). My sense of dynamic alignment and proprioception are not good.

I have continued to work without the mirror most of the time, and find this helps my concentration, but leaves me clueless as to what my body is actually doing (or not).

Grand battements are still a major problem when the right leg is working. Hip raised on the left side almost immediately - even in retire. Need K to have a think about this one. (It is still all about the pelvis!)

Other/Related Problems
I am presently very fatigued on a fairly regular basis at the moment, which is making things very difficult. I am not able to manage as much as I normally can in pilates and even though my last 2 sessions have been 'easier', I have had considerably and disproportionately more DOMS.

I have just been told I have osteopenia, which is also related to JHS.

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