Monday, January 11, 2010

What is going on?

I am unwell yet again - and according to M in Pilates there seems to be some pattern with that and me going through some "major shifts" in what is going on with my body in Pilates. If this is the case I may have to stop doing anything - because I can't keep getting ill!! There is no doubt that my body has changed a great deal recently - particularly in the last 6 weeks. Firstly my hip is no longer hurting (hurrah, and touch-wood!!), secondly my spine is just no longer behaving like a snake, thirdly I am now doing proper roll-downs with control and proper cat-extensions and it just seems that I am gaining some real control of my spine in general. M says I look particularly good in standing, although my lumbar spine still fatigues and collapse remains imminent when I sit - particularly as I do not sit on my bottom, but on my sacrum!! In pilates we are now doing work on hip abduction and lengthening out of my hips in all side work, so there is a waist-line gap. We are continuing to work on my thoracic spine, and all side-bends, which have really improved. M is also continuing to work on my foot proprioception and on loosening my tight calves.

In ballet things generally feel good. My right foot has some pain on the front of it - partly perhaps due to some new shoes (not ballet shoes!!). This area has been sore for a while, but I generally think it is just soft-tissue pain and nothing too sinister. My rises and balances in ballet are much better controlled, the whole being on demie-pointe feels much stronger and I am properly up on my legs and generally much better lifted out of my hips. My turn-out is well maintained and weight is more evenly distributed throughout both feet - although there is a tendency to pronate on the left. What is less good in ballet is in grand battement - particularly a la seconde, where my hips are still raised. I don't know if there is something K can help with here (exercise-wise) or whether I need to see if T can spend 5 minutes talking me through this. Part of the problem is in me wanting great height at the expense of an elevated hip line. 90 degrees is probably all I will get for now whilst maintaining the line that T wants.

Where K might need to help (in addition to the above) is to help with my fatigue levels - still a potential problem, and in my thoracic spine and in being able to turn my head. There is still a lot of restriction there.

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