Sunday, September 26, 2010

The cat is demanding over-time!

The cat's hourly rate has increased. He is definitely working over-time because I am literally grounded. I spent most of Saturday afternoon in and out of bed. I got up to try and eat and then achieve something. I managed to read some of the very excellent new book on Hypermobility, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia by Hakin, Grahame & Keer (2010), but otherwise I am in tip to toe pain with very nasty nodules. I feel like I have the flu. My cold has come back again and skin wounds are not healing. This morning I had to go and feed my neighbour's cat. I did so and had to go back to bed. The effort was just too much. I have spent most of the morning in bed. I have to work this afternoon 4-8pm and then have two "big" days in a row.

I wonder about reading books (above) and its impact on me, but I was already feeling that before I started to read the book. The book is informative and I have learned a bit through it. At the moment, I am probably too busy "catastrophising" what I cannot get done this week. I can think as far as Tuesday and that is far too big to imagine. My hands still hurt like hell, but pain is global and nasty. I cannot stop spasming. I want to do the right things for myself, but not sure what they are. The thought of ballet and of managing a nice walk in the park are a million miles away. I have not written anything more on the book. I am returning to the cat.

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