Thursday, January 20, 2011

Physiotherapy Exercise Update

 Hamstrings which is just involving kicking - continuing to to do this, but working to really engage the abdominals

Adductors - I can re-start these when they are ready to work again!

Traps - To continue working lying prone and doing reps and in seated. In addition I now have an exercise to do with them using a light theraband.

Traps - stretches - ongoing

Hoola-hooping - for waist and trunk work - New!

Abs curl - Ongoing

Jiggling, maintaining knee stability - new!

Pelvic tilt - doing well with leg on knees and ongoing

Wall exercise - Now aiming to have the lumbar spine as flat as possible

Neck work - to include an in and exhalation whilst maintaining the muscular contraction

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