Friday, June 17, 2011

Physiotherapy Exercise Update

·         Kneeling on bed – transfer weight between knees, particularly taking weight on left knee.  Support with arms on the wall, or take arms above head!
·         Balance rocking – from side to side (sitting on bed)
·         Jiggling – continued
·         Wall exercises – reverse movement of arms
·         Parallel plié against wall – keeping a good head line, wall for proprioceptive neck support, keeping neutral knee line and use of adductors and neutral pelvis and knock right arm out
·         Walking arms up the walls – Using a huge amount of abdominals for stability, walk arms up the wall, ensuring that the elbows are kept in at all times.
·         Rises – on the right leg, in parallel, working at end ROM for big toe and then for general calf strengthening
·         Backward lunges – left leg behind and pretend you are going into a stride on the right
·         Hoolahooping – keeping narrow base of support, and more to the left
·         Side stretch – arms in extension 4+ reps
·         Rotational stretch – arms in extension and rotate trunk 4+ reps
·         Hamstrings – usual kicks
·         Retire – lying prone for stretch and control of left side
·         Pelvic tilt – try also with arms above head
·         Neck exercises – with breathing
·         Oblique curls
·         Hip flexor exercise
·         Retire exercise  - with right leg as the gesturing leg, do this in lateral rotation
·         Hamstring stretches – both legs
·         Deep gluteal stretch


Achelois said...

Hi I have been reading your blog for a while now.
You are obviously a lot stronger than many with EDS because of your dance training. I may have missed this so please forgive the query if so but I wonder if anyone else in your family has hypermobility also or whether you have acquired hypermobility due to constant hyperextending with your dancing.
I envy you being able to do the knee exercises you describe as my physio along with many of the other exercises you describe here would definfinitely not recommend for me (anything requiring kneeling is an absolute no no), I absolutely could not do and others would cause me injury/subluxes/dislocation). I entirely agree that physical therapy is appropriate to maintain core stability and muscle strength but many of those you describe are not those that I would be allowed to do. So to anyone reading with EDS please do check with your physical therapist that they are appropriate for you! I really do admire your continued perserverance in your battle agaisnt this very cruel condition.

Isobel said...

Thank you for your feedback. I can assure you that I have very careful physical therapy supervision and that none of my Physiotherapy exercises have caused problems or further pain (other than initial training pain) because they have been introduced carefully and gradually increased in complexity over the last 3 years.

I am able to continue dancing because I work carefully at building my strength and stability.